Mike Palmer's Reply to
S. P. Hardy - Traffic Lawyer and Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Why Mike Palmer is not offering any legal advice and why Aussie Speeding Fines is not a scam!

It has come to my attention that a traffic lawyer by the name of Sean P. Hardy from www.TrafficLaw.com.au has mistakenly come to the belief that I am giving legal advice to people via a book sold through www.aussiespeedingfines.com It seems as though Consumer Affairs Victoria and Today Tonight are also of the same opinion despite performing extensive research into this topic and coming up with absolutely no proof what-so-ever, just wild, baseless accusations.

I would like to take this opportunity to correct a couple of major errors in Mr Hardy's thinking and hopefully clear up the matter for the numerous Victoria Police members that I know who also seem to have come to the same incorrect understanding.

Firstly, I did contract work for the Victoria Police for 12 years and I personally know many Victoria Police members and whilst many of them also agree that the speeding fine situation is now way out of hand, it would make no sense for me to bite that hand that fed me and may indeed feed me again one day.

Furthermore, Mike Palmer is a Success Coach. I have trained with the likes of Anthony Robbins, Jay Abrahams and Dr Denis Waiteley and for the past 12 years and I have dedicated my life to inspiring and empowering people to the be the very best that they can be. You can find out more about the work that I do actually do at www.successcoaching.net.au

Mike Palmer is not a lawyer, has not had any formal legal training and has never suggested otherwise to anyone! I do, however, know something is not right with the law, or at least this particular lawyer, if you can go posting peoples photos that appear on their copyrighted websites as Sean Hardy has seen fit to do by copying a photo of me from my Success Coaching website and simply place it on their own website without any permission from the photographer or owner of the photo.

There is also some major flaw with the law if Consumer Affairs Victoria can publish a line on their website that clearly states that "The website is operated at least in part by Mr Palmer and or Libra Consulting Services Pty Ltd" when they did a full investigation into this 6 - 9 months ago and came up with nothing more than circumstantial evidence at best.

At least to their credit Consumer Affairs have agreed to provide their so-called "evidence" that Mr Palmer or Libra Consulting Services is in some way involved so that it can be quickly refuted and they will be forced to remove this blatant lie from their website.

The ridiculous and completely unproven accusations, along with the obviously biased editing job of the Today Tonight team, would be worth pursuing legally if it wasn't such a joke that I knew no-one would take any serious notice of it.

Mike Palmer was involved with the founders and creators of Aussie Speeding Fines and thoroughly believes in what they are ultimately trying to achieve freedom for all Australian motorists to use the roads safely and without being punished for things they have not done.

Mike Palmer assisted this group in setting up their website and, as I am a public speaker, I offered to run a seminar - something Sean Hardy suggests was cancelled but, in fact, was not - and to speak on A Current Affair to help them promote their ideals - well over 12 months ago.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I was not happy with the story that A Current Affair presented because that was not the message I was trying to promote. In fact, if you check with the producers of the show, you will find that I was the first person to ring in and complain about both the trailer and the story itself when they went to air.

Sean Hardy goes on to say that Mike Palmer "and runs the website out of his house" and kindly gives my address and phone number. Consumer Affairs Victoria have a similar false and unfounded statement on their site. Now, as I said before, I am not in any way legally trained but I would be quite surprised if it was legal for someone to give out those private details and make those wild accusations with absolutely no proof what-so-ever.

However, since, I have absolutely nothing to hide and am actually very grateful for the free promotion on the sale of my house (by Mr Hardy)then I would welcome any interested people to please contact my agents, Hocking Stuart of Sandringham.

I would also be very grateful if Mr Hardy, Consumer Affairs Victoria and/or the Today Tonight team could also advise me on exactly how they think I have time to run a website as well as three other full time companies!

As I stated earlier, I am a Success Coach and I have also been a Martial Arts instructor for many years in 3 different styles so I am a firm believer in karma. I believe in inspiring and empowering people, not viciously attacking them for no good reason. I wish Mr Hardy well in his legal endeavours and I acknowledge his right and that of Consumer Affairs to comment on the strategies that Aussie Speeding Fines promote, however, they have no right to attack me personally or involve me in something that they know nothing about.

So, should you wish to find out about what Mike Palmer really does, please check out the websites below which show that I not only coach people on how to be successful, I have actually achieved my own independent level of success and am happy to share that with others in any way I can.

www.successcoaching.net.au - Take your Life to the Next Level.

Finally, as I do still believe in the final outcome that the team at Aussie Speeding Fines are trying to achieve that of free and safe use of our roads, not everybody driving around lawlessly as Mr Hardy seems to suggest - then I would direct you to their website and also to their own reply to Sean Hardy's suggestion that their strategies don't work.

www.aussiespeedingfines.com - Create Truly Safer Roads for All to Enjoy

www.aussiespeedingfinescam.com - Aussie Speeding Fines reply to Sean Hardy

Thank you for taking the time to read this information, have a fantastic day and safe driving out there!

P.S. I have written an e-mail to Aussie Speeding Fines in relation to the reason behind pleading guilty in just one court case in September of 2008. I believe they have published it in a special section under their testimonials page and you are welcome to read it in its entirety there.